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Annual Intent to Return

Parent/guardians are required to complete an Intent to Return (one per student) annually in SchoolMint.  Information submitted on the student's form will let Administration know which students will continue next academic school year and which students will be leaving our schools.

A message will be sent from SchoolMint to parent/guardians with students in Grades TK/K-7 at Gateway, K-6 at Meyers and Turnstone and 7-11 at Western Sierra when the form is available in SchoolMint.

Available:  6:00 a.m., February 1, 2018

Deadline:  11:00 p.m., February 17, 2018

Account Login

Enter your family's SchoolMint username and password
If you have forgotten your username or password, reset this information from SchoolMint's home page.


Failure to submit the Intent to Return by the deadline may jeopardize your student's continued enrollment with the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools.



Students Returning

As submissions are reviewed, parent/guardian will receive a verification notification from SchoolMint to confirm student's enrollment for next academic school year.  Please add to your email address book to allow SchoolMint notifications.



Students Leaving

Submissions received for students leaving our schools will be marked as "Not Returning" in SchoolMint, and the vacancy will be filled from the school's waiting list.  Parent/guardians are required to complete a "Student Withdrawal Notification" within seven (7) days prior to the student's last day in attendance.   This includes students graduating from 8th grade at Gateway or 6th grade at Turnstone or Meyers, who are not attending Western Sierra.


Student Withdrawal Notification

1.  Download the form

2.  Complete the form

3.  Save and Print the completed form 

4.  Send form to your student's school 



Students Graduating from Grade 6 at Meyers/Turnstone or Grade 8 at Gateway

These students will not complete an Intent to Return. Instead, students wishing to continue at Western Sierra next academic year must complete/submit a new Western Sierra application in SchoolMint by February 28, 2018.   If the application deadline is missed, student will receive his/her admission offer (space available) after the first admission offers have been extended.


Login to your family's SchoolMint account at Account Login.