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July Update

RAFOS Summer Academy
This June our Summer “Camp” Academy, welcomed 76 students from all three elementary campuses. Students were recommended by their 2016-2017 classroom teachers based off classroom observations, academic performance, Spring MAP scores, and current DRA levels to be able to attend and continue their learning during the summer term. We have 10 intern teachers from the Cal State TEACH program, working in teams of two. The student to teacher ratio is roughly 8:1. Trisha Smith and Suzy Parrett, both teachers at Rocklin Academy schools, are working as Master Teachers and in partnership with one Cal State TEACH faculty advisor to oversee the program and create/deliver professional development to the intern teachers.
The students are receiving instruction in Math, ELA, and Core Knowledge topics, which will help solidify foundational skills and front load key concepts and vocabulary for the next grade level. As recommended by classroom teachers, our Math and ELA curriculum focused on reading comprehension, reading fluency, numbers and operations in base ten, and math fluency standards. This year our academy invited a team of science teacher interns to run a science camp on Fridays. Students were able to learn a variety of topics through inquiry and hands-on learning. Also, some of our interns were trained to use Lego robotic kits in the classroom and connected the learning to Core Knowledge topics. All the student teachers are using data to drive their instruction and designing curriculum to meet the needs of the students in their classrooms. Attendance has been consistent and feedback from parents and students has been overwhelmingly positive. Summer Academy concluded on July 13, 2017. We look forward to seeing the overall academic growth for all of our students, based off the data collected.
Special Education
Interviews are taking place for several open positions and we look forward to making final offers very soon to secure new staff for these roles.
Ongoing Development
Extended School Year (ESY) Summer Academy
  • ESY Summer Academy ended on July 13th. Our ESY teacher has reported that the session went very well and students were engaged in multiple learning activities and peer interactions.
  • The final CASEMIS report capturing all special education data for the 2016-17 school year ran on June 30th. Case managers worked diligently to correct any preliminary errors, while at the district level all other facets of the report were completed in preparation for June 30th. Final data will be submitted to CDE by the Charter SELPA and reported back to each LEA this fall.
  • Final expenditure reports for Educational Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) were prepared by Ace Ensign, Director of Finance and Melissa Concha, Special Programs Technician and were submitted to the SELPA b the July 13th deadline. This will ensure final funding is distributed.