The Committee aides the Executive Director and the Principal in the execution of the school’s mission, the formulation and execution of its education program, and the configuration and maintenance of its facilities. The Committee also serves as an advisory board to the RA governing board. The Committee meets on a regular basis and focuses its work on:
  • Upholding the mission and vision of the School;
  • Overseeing the implementation of the Charter;
  • Providing notice and holding meetings in compliance with the Brown Act;
  • Creating external or sub-committees as needed;
  • Developing local operational policies for approval by the Board of RA (as required);
  • Assessing and monitoring student performance data;
  • Developing local student and family policies for approval by the Board of RA (as required);
  • Other duties as deemed necessary by the Rocklin Academy Board of Directors or Executive Director
2019-20 Meeting Dates
September 12
October 10
December 12
February 13
April 16
May 14