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RAFOS Waiting Lists

Already on the 2017-18 Waiting List?
There is no need to submit an application if student is already on the 2017-18 waiting list (see exceptions below).  Applicants who accepted admission during 2017-18 were removed from all other waiting lists.  Applicants who declined admission offers (or failed to respond) were also removed from the offering school's waiting list.
Those applicants not receiving an admission offer during 2017-18 will roll to the 2018-19 waiting list; however, some exceptions apply. Gateway's TK and Grade 8 waiting lists do not roll to Kindergarten or Grade 9; and Turnstone and Meyers Grade 6 waiting lists do not roll to Grade 7a new 2018-19 application must be submitted during the lottery application period to be part of the lottery.




2018-19 Waiting List

The 2018-19 lottery will rank applicants and create the 2018-19 waiting list.    This new waiting list will be added to the remaining 2017-18 waiting list.  Once initial offers have been extended, parent/guardians can login to their family's SchoolMint account to view their student's waiting list number.

Openings will be filled from each school's waiting list either before the school year begins or during the school year.  If admission offer is declined for your student, he/she will be removed from the offering school's waiting list.