Annual Intent for Current Students (2020-21)

Annual Intent Period Starts on January 17 and ends on January 31, 2020.  Every Student must indicate "Returning" or "Not Returning" in SchoolMint during the Annual Intent Period.  Student is not guaranteed continued enrollment Continued enrollment UNLESS student's intent is indicated by the deadline.
Students "Not Returning"
Parent/guardians of student's "Not Returning" must submit a completed Student Withdrawal Notification as soon as possible, but before the end of the current school year (June 4, 2020).  Enrollment spots for students "Not Returning" will be filled around March 20, 2020.
2019-20 (Current Grade)
Turnstone Grades K-5              
To Turnstone Grades 1-6
Turnstone GRADE 6*              To Western Sierra GRADE 7
Meyers Grades K-5                 
To Turnstone Grades 1-6
Meyers GRADE 6*                     To Western Sierra GRADE 7
Gateway Grades TK-7               
To Gateway Grades K-8
Gateway GRADE 8*                 
To Western Sierra GRADE 9
Western Sierra Grades 7-11     
To Western Sierra Grades 8-12 
Annual Intent Instructions
  • One parent/guardian needs to Login to family's SchoolMint account - Login
  • Go to Student Dashboard - Select "Returning" or "Not Returning" before 11:00 pm on January 31, 2020.  
  • Schoolmint will send a confirmation email and/or text to confirm receipt of student's intent.
Students Completing Turnstone or Meyers Grade 6*
Students Completing Gateway Grade 8*
  • MUST INDICATE "RETURNING" or "NOT RETURNING" to Western Sierra in SchoolMint by the deadline (no exceptions).

  • MISS THE ANNUAL INTENT DEADLINE? -  Parent/guardian must submit a NEW application for Western Sierra in SchoolMint, and student will be treated as a "New" applicant; this means that student is not guaranteed enrollment at Western Sierra. If application is submitted before February 29, 2020, applicant will be included in the Western Sierra lottery.  Applications received after the lottery deadline will be placed on the school's waiting list.

  • STUDENTS WHO HAVE INDICATED RETURNING TO WESTERN SIERRA DURING ANNUAL INTENT PERIOD (by January 31, 2020) will receive an email in late March containing a Student Records Request Form.To confirm enrollment at Western Sierra, the following documents are required:
    1. Student Records Request Form. In August 2020, the completed request form will be sent to student's current school to release cumulative records to Western Sierra.  
    2. Current Immunization Record.  California schools are required to check immunization records for all new TK-12 admissions and all students advancing to 7th grade before entry (also applies to transfer students).  Record must include student's name and show all required immunizations for student's age and grade.
      • Students Entering Grade 7 -  Proof of Tdap Booster and Varicella #2 is required.
      • Students Entering Grades 8-12 - At least one dose of pertussis-containing vaccine after the 7th birthday is required.  
      • Guide to TK-12 Immunizations
    3. New Emergency Card - Available July 2020.
    4. Western Sierra Class Registration - Western Sierra will provide all documents regarding class registration.  Student will receive his/her class schedule at Fall Orientation as long as an emergency card has been submitted and any outstanding fees have been paid.
  • Once items #1, #2 and #4 have been provided to Western Sierra's Registrar and are verified complete:

    • Sibling(s) on the Western Sierra waiting list will be prioritized (moved up the waiting list).  Placement of siblings is not guaranteed, as enrollment is on a space-available basis.