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Lottery, Admission Offers/Enrollment Packets

Lottery Information
To be part of the 2018-19 lottery, see Application Instructions.  Parents need not be present for the lottery, but are welcome to attend to view the lottery process.   The lottery will take place in mid-March.   The date/time/location will be sent to all applicants once all applications have been reviewed.
School Availability
Due to capacity limits, it is possible that some grades may not have availability.  Openings will be filled based on each school's waiting list.
Admission Offers
Admission offers will be extended via SchoolMint on/around March 30th and can be made at any time before or during the school year.   Once the lottery results have been made public in SchoolMint, the applicant's status can be viewed by logging into Account Login.
If a student is offered admission, the parent/guardian must ACCEPT or DECLINE the offer in SchoolMint within 24 hours of notification.
If the parent/guardian accepts an admission offer for their student, the applicant will be removed from all other waiting lists.  Any siblings on the school's waiting list will be prioritized (moved up) on the waiting list at that time.

If the parent/guardian declines an admission offer for their student, or fails to decline an offer within 24 hours of notification, the applicant will be removed from the offering school's waiting list.  The admission offer will then be extended to the next applicant waiting.

If the parent/guardian receives multiple admission offers for their student, accept one offer only.  The applicant will be removed from all other school waiting lists once an admission offer is accepted.
Enrollment Packets
Once an offer is accepted in SchoolMint,  parent/guardian must click REGISTER to complete the student's enrollment packet within five (5) days.   If offer is being accepted after school starts, the enrollment packet must be submitted within 48 hours of acceptance.  All uploads must be in pdf format; if the document contains two (2) or more pages, save all pages as one pdf file and then upload/submit.
Submit your student's enrollment packet by the deadline.  The packet cannot be submitted until all required fields have been completed. All students are required to upload proof of all required immunizations before they can start school.  If immunizations are not yet complete, upload the most current record and make a doctor's appointment to complete this requirement.
The student's enrollment packet will be returned to "registration in progress" if packet is incomplete.   Once missing items have been uploaded, remember to SUBMIT so packet can be re-reviewed.   Once the packet is considered complete, a verification notification will be sent from SchoolMint.