RAFOS Requirements for School Entry


The Rocklin Academy Family of Schools are open to all applicants, including those from surrounding areas.   


Age Requirements
Eligibility Dates
Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
Child must turn (5) years old in 2019 between September 2nd and December 2nd.
TK is a two-year program, offered only at our Gateway campus, using a modified Kindergarten curriculum that is both age and developmentally appropriate.   Gateway offers one AM and one PM class, and placement requests can be made at time of enrollment.
Child must turn five (5) years old in 2019 on/before September 1st; all Kindergarten classes are on an extended-day schedule.
First Grade
Child must turn six (6) years old in 2019 on/before September 1st

Proof of Child's Age

Proof of child's age is required should your child receive/accept an admission offer.  Please be prepared to provide ONE of the following documents:


  • A certified copy of student's birth certificate (preferred)
  • A copy of student's U.S. Passport
If neither document can be obtained, a Proof of Age Affidavit must be completed by the parent, guardian, or custodian of the minor child.  The Affidavit can be obtained from the Charter Management Office (CMO) during regular office hours (7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).

Proof of Immunizations for Age/Grade

See:  California Immunization Requirements for Grades TK-12


Effective July 2019, to protect the health of all students and staff and to curtail the spread of infectious diseases, California public schools are required to check immunization records before school entry for all TK-12 admissions, including current students advancing to Grade 7.


A student who is out of compliance with California immunization law cannot attend public school, nor will we hold an enrollment spot open for any student not meeting California's immunization requirements.


Student will be admitted unconditionally if parent/guardian has provided:

  • proof of ALL required immunizations for student's age/grade, as determined by the California Immunization Requirements for Grades TK-12
  • a personal beliefs exemption (filed prior to 2016); PBE will remain valid through Grade 6 only
  • a permanent medical exemption (PME), signed by a California licensed M.D./D.O. only, which indicates:
    • the physical condition/medical circumstance of the child is such that the required immunization(s) is not indicated
    • the vaccine to be exempted, and
    • the medical exemption is permanent


Student will be admitted conditionally (follow up required) if parent/guardian has provided:
  • immunization record indicating student has started receiving doses of all required vaccines for his/her age/grade following a Catch-Up Schedule with no shots due at start of school.  Parent/guardian must continue to provide updated immunization records to the school until all requirements are met.
  • a temporary medical exemption (TME) for some or all required immunizations.  The TME must be issued for a period of no more than 12 months.  A valid TME requires:
    • a written statement by a California licensed physician which states the temporary physical condition/medical circumstance of the child is such that the required immunization(s) is not indicated
    • the date when the temporary medical exemption will expire, and
    • the vaccine(s) to be exempted.
    • Parent/guardian must continue to follow up to ensure that all requirements are met and provide an updated shot record to the student's school.
Proof of Residency
Proof of child's residency is required should your child receive/accept an admission offer.  The utility bill must be current (within last 30 days) and contain the name of one of the parent/guardians with whom the student lives.  Acceptable proof includes:
  • PG&E bill
  • Garbage bill
  • Cable bill
  • Home Telephone bill (cell phone bills are not acceptable)
  • Letter from Social Services verifying residency (current within last 30 days)
  • Home Purchase Agreement/Contract (utility bill is required within 30 days of move-in date)
Report of Health Exam for School Entry
Transitional Kindergarten (TK), Kindergarten, First Grade
  • The Report of Health Exam for School Entry requirement is within 18 months of entering First Grade or 90 days thereafter; however, we ask that parents have their child's physical exam completed prior to entering TK or Kindergarten, as this is typically when children are receiving immunizations for school entry. The physical exam must be completed no sooner than six (6) months prior to entering TK or Kindergarten. Meeting this requirement prior to entering TK or Kindergarten fulfills the first grade requirement.
  • A First Grade student can be excluded from school if this requirement is not met by the 90th day of entering First Grade.
Oral Health Assessment
Student's First Time In a California Public School
Parent/guardian of any new student entering a California public school for the first time,  must submit an Oral Health Assessment signed by a California licensed dentist at time of enrollment.  Dental exam can be given no earlier than twelve (12) months prior to the student's first day in a TK-12 public school.
Parent Orientation
We ask that at least one parent attend a parent orientation meeting in May to ensure that our school is the best fit for their child.  The site principal will offer a tour of the school at that time.  Details of this meeting will be sent from SchoolMint.