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Are you interested in getting a taste of the college experience? Academic Talent Search (ATS) offers 4th-9th graders (grade level as of Jan. 1, 2019) exciting summer courses at Sacramento State that you pick for yourself! Choose from classes like All the World’s a Stage, Algebra 1, Escape Room Math, Messy Science, Photoshop, Robotics, Neuropsychology, Video Game Development, and many others. At ATS, you can spend your summer doing what you love, take classes on a university campus, and make new friends who share your interests and passion for learning!


To join these interactive and hands-on classes, you need to take the ATS Qualifying Exam. The test only takes an hour and there is no pass or fail, so there’s no need to stress! You MUST take the test to apply for classes, but you don’t have to apply if you change your mind.


 Exam scores will be mailed to students approximately 3-4 weeks after testing and will be sent from Sac State ATS.

Further test dates are available at Sac State:
January 26th    February 2nd      February 18th     February 23rd    March 9th
Sign up at Pre-registration
Click below for more information about  ATS, or contact CA State University, Sacramento at (916) 278-7032 or