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Rocklin Academy Family of Schools
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Welcome to the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools Health Office.

My name is Stephanie Keenan and it is my privilege to be the school nurse for the Rocklin Academy organization. Helping children stay healthy and safe while they are at school is my priority.  Our health procedures are based on recommendations from the following organizations or publications.  

CDC, AAP, NASN, CSNO, CHDP, CDE, CDPH and The Manual of School Health.  

Please feel free to contact me via email at with health concerns, information or suggestions.  

Stephanie Keenan RN, BSN, PHN
Credentialed School Nurse


Vision and hearing screenings for students are done according to California Education Law.  Students in selected grades are screened annually for distance and near vision acuity, hyperopia and hearing. Grades that are screened for both hearing and vision are:  Kinder, 2nd, 5th and 8th.  TK and Kinder students are also screened for color perception.


The school nurse will notify parents if any concerns are noted.  Private screening in lieu of screening by the school nurse is acceptable.  Results should be documented by the student’s MD and presented to the school office for documentation in the student’s health file. Parental written refusal of school screening should be submitted to the school office prior to the date of screening.