Welcome to our Health Department!


March 27, 2020


I wanted to personally thank our families and staff for their partnership as we navigated the past few weeks.  There were a number of changes to our routine and our guidance at school as it related to health and I was so proud of our families and staff for their response.  


Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that there are situations where students are gathering for social events. We urge you to please discourage this type of activity to comply with social distancing recommendations. I have attached a social distancing tip sheet that was shared by a concerned parent. Please review it for guidance related to specific situations.


Additionally, I have been working with other school nurses to gather items to share with parents during this time that are specific to the health needs of our children.  Please check back frequently for updates and new items.  


If you are one of our families who have a child with medication at school or a special health need, we will reach out if we have any additional information that pertains to your specific situation.


We look forward to a time soon when we can all be together again. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or just to say hello at skeenan@rocklinacademy.org


All my best, 

Nurse Stephanie



Kids Health - What to Do if Your Child Is Sick from Kids Health which is a wonderful resource for parents and children on many health related topics. There is even a page explaining to kids why their skin gets wrinkly in water which might be fun with all the handwashing we are doing.  They also have a page for kids on Covid that speaks to them in language meant specifically for a child.  Coronavirus for kids.