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Community Advisory Committee

Community Advisory Committee

The El Dorado Charter SELPA’s Community Advisory Committee is a group formed to advise the Charter SELPA about the Special Education Local Plan, annual priorities, parent education, and other special education related activities. The CAC is designed to be a dynamic collaborative partnership of educators, parents, and community members.

The CAC holds three business meetings annually to address topics of interest to families of children with disabilities and to gather information to advise our Special Education Local Plan. 
Meetings have been held this year on October 6th and January 10th.  Please check back for summaries of these meetings. In the meantime, agendas are attached at the bottom of the page.
Next CAC Meeting April 11th

The next CAC meeting, the final meeting of the school year, will occur on Tuesday, April 11th from 9-10 am, via online webinar.  You may listen and participate from your own computer by following the link provided here.  The agenda for the meeting will be available and posted soon.

Updates from your CAC Representative

Rebecca Fong and Wendy Sickler were approved last fall by the Rocklin Academy Board, as the middle/high school and elementary Community Advisory Committee representatives.  The most recent meeting was held on January 10th, attended by Mrs. Fong. Please see below for an update from her to Rocklin Academy families:As the volunteer parent representative from WSCA for the Community Advisory Committee (CAC), I would like to report the status of our collaboration with the El Dorado Charter SELPA. During this school year (2016-17) there have been 2 meetings held so far. Run by SELPA staff, each meeting has been informative and useful as a resource for parents seeking training and advice for their special education child.

The October 4th, 2016 meeting was essentially an overview of the CAC program. Officers and representatives were introduced by name, position, and school affiliation. The CAC bylaws were reviewed which included the committee’s duties, terms of membership, and CAC member responsibilities. Officers for the 2016-17 school year were confirmed and appointed, though two key positions are vacant and need to be filled (Chairperson and Vice Chairperson). These positions can, and are currently, filled by SELPA staff members. But the ideal candidates would be a parents from the charter school community. Meeting attendees were asked to seek out nominations so the positions could be filled officially as soon as possible. Future meeting dates were announced and the meeting was adjourned.

At the January 10th, 2017 meeting minutes from the last meeting were approved and new members were introduced. The positions of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson remain vacant. Parents who are interested in volunteering for these positions should contact Tara Stout, Program Assistant by calling (530) 295-2468 or for more information about eligibility and obtaining board approval. 

SELPA offers many resources specifically for parents of children with disabilities. Throughout the year SELPA holds a number of online parent trainings via webinars. Held monthly, these free seminars are known as the Lunchtime Wednesday Webinar Parent Trainings. This year’s topics have included “Understanding the IEP Process and Assessment,” “How to Effectively Communicate with your IEP Team,” “Transition Training for Parents of Students in High School,” and Strategies to Increase Positive Behavior.”  

Access to these recorded webinars and many other parent resources are available on the CAC website at: http://www.edcoecharterselpa. org/parents/resources . 

The most recent webinar parent training was offered on March 8th, 2017 (Wednesday) from 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM. The topic was, “Executive Functioning: the Key to Academic Success and Homework Completion.” 

On April 12th, 2017 (Wednesday) from 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM the free webinar parent training topic will be, “Understanding Statewide Assessment Accessibility Supports.” To register go to: https://events-na9. connect/c1/1252260157/en/ events/event/shared/default_ template_simple/event_ registration.html?sco-id= 1306627944&_charset_=utf-8 

For a complete parental guide to the IEP process, the CAC has put together a new, free, downloadable “Parent Handbook.” This invaluable resource can be accessed at: https://beehively-websites.s3. 52381b4f1defc52c29000002/ content_ entry52565d261defc537cd00269a/ 5873ee4d3e5ac190ba162ae3/ files/CAC_Charter_Parent_ Handbook-English_2016-2017.pdf 

The CAC also supports and highly recommends that parents explore the resources available at: Before the meeting adjourned, a presentation was given about the benefits of student-led IEP meetings. The presentation will be made available in the future on the CAC website.The next El Dorado County Charter SELPA’s CAC meeting will be held on April 11th, 2017 via Adobe Connect. 

CAC meetings are open to parents, family members, educators, agency representatives, and community members who are interested in supporting children with special needs.

 Respectfully submitted by Rebecca Fong, parent representative for WSCA

For comments, suggestions, or more information about the CAC, WSCA parents please contact: Rebecca Fong,