Technology Help

2020-2021 Student and Parent Technology Help List
Please see the information below for Common Issues and How to Fix Them.

Passwords cannot be reset by the student.  For all password resets and Chromebook/iPad issues or damage, please fill out the

If you are having connectivity issues, please fill out the
Please contact your teacher for the following technology help.
  • Google classroom links (for scheduled classes)
  • SeeSaw
  • Illuminate
  • Turnitin
  • Zoom
Chromebook issue:  Websites/Google Apps not loading
1. Student needs to log out of Chromebook
2. Click on the arrow next to their name and remove user.
3. Add themselves back as a user.
If that does not fix it make sure you are on the latest Chrome OS version:
1. Click on the settings tray in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
2. Enter the settings using the gear icon.
3. Click on About Chrome OS on the bottom of the left column.
4. Select the Check for updates option and apply all updates until there are no more to apply.

Chromebook issue:  Black screen


Check if lights are 'on' on the side of the Chromebook

1. If light is on, hold down the power button until the light goes off
a. Wait approximately 10 seconds
b. Restart system
2. If no lights are on, student needs to plug in to charge
a. If light is on when plugged in, Chromebook needs to charge
PowerSchool Login Issues
  • As a reminder, your PowerSchool account must be created from a web browser (Accounts CANNOT be created on the PowerSchool app.) The web browser site is a more comprehensive look at PowerSchool; the PowerSchool app is a snapshot of the information in PowerSchool.
  • PowerSchool works best with Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. If you are using a Mac, there's a known issue that PowerSchool does not view correctly.
  • For students using Adaptive Scheduler, it is not available at this time on the PowerSchool App.  Please use the website to access Adaptive Scheduler (ELT). 
If you are having login issues with PowerSchool, please do the following first: 
  1. Clear the browser’s cache and cookies first, then try to go back and log in.
  2. If this does not work, clear browsing history for at least the last 24 hours, then try to go back in and log in.

PowerSchool for your mobile device

District app code - ZNML

PowerSchool Portal Student and Parent Help
If you need help navigating the PowerSchool Portal? Visit Get Started with PowerSchool Student and Parent Help.
The Portal gives you access to:
  • attendance
  • grades
  • student score reports, assessments and progress
  • see student class schedule
  • set email notifications
A how to guide for parents on:
  • What is PowerSchool? 
  • What is Google Classroom and How do I sign up?
School emails from SchoolMessenger

If you are not receiving school emails, please do the following:

    1. Check your Spam and Junk folders
    2. Search your email for or
    3. If you are still unable to find school messages, please email your School Secretary to see if SchoolMessenger has been blocked.
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